Our Story

    The pleasure to share my story and the foundation of my business is an opportunity I couldn’t have dreamt of as a child. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, the beauty campaigns marketed and advertised in my neighborhood did not convey an image that I could relate to. The marketing language always reminded me that society expected a narrow image of beauty. I learned to adapt to this image by physically masking the things that made me unique in order to thrive in different environments. I now know that those ads did not capture the diversity of humanity but promoted a distorted version of reality. I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my journey of coming into my own. I’m proud to have shed those expectations to truly embrace and explore the magic of individuality. Now that I am celebrating what makes me different I want to encourage others to do the same. Aberrant Beaute is an invitation for everyone to begin navigating the era of their unparalleled aesthetic.  This is why I started Aberrant Beaute. It’s a gift to you for you.


With love and light,